10 Best Tips for Collecting Money for Your Charity

Everyone has those moments when you wish you had a lot of money. You could then fulfill all your wishes. Or others can help, without you not coming out at the end of the month. Ever thought of crowdfunding to collect money for yourself or raise money for a good cause? Start a crowdfunding campaign, convince the crowd of its usefulness and start collecting money for your favorite charity!

A clear story

Make sure you get off to a good start in one go. It is important that you provide sufficient relevant information about the purpose for which the promotion is intended.

  • Introduce yourself: who are you and why do you take action for this purpose?
  • What’s the problem?
  • What is the solution?
  • What do you expect from the donor? Ask a clear donation question.
  • How does a donation contribute to this solution?

Support your story with reliable sources and explain why this goal is important to you. This enables potential donors to put themselves in your position. In this way they will support the action faster.Collect money – story

Add images

In addition to having to do the story well, relevant visual material is also very important. Photos complete your story. They soon appeal to the imagination of donors. We know from experience that campaigns with relevant visual material collect money more easily than those who do not. A good photo determines whether potential donors are going to read the text of your collection campaign at all.

Do not limit yourself to 1 image, but try to add several relevant images to your money collection campaign. This makes long pieces of text a lot more pleasant to read.

Nowadays anyone can make a video with his or her smartphone. Use a video message to highlight your goal, or just to introduce yourself. In this way you come one step closer to the donors and your story becomes a lot more personal.

A video from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes is more than enough. It is not about the quality of the video, but about the face behind it. Money collection campaigns with a video are much easier to share and therefore raise significantly more money!

Make the first donation yourself

Experience has taught us that donors are often guided by previous donations. The amount of your donation can then be an inspiration for the coming donors. In addition, it shows that you yourself are also willing to make a financial contribution. It is of course not always possible to make a donation yourself first. But if this is the case, we definitely recommend it!

Try to show any saved amounts or large deposited donations on the fundraising page. This way the donors know for sure that the amount is actually present. You can do this by donating the amount yourself.

First approach friends family and acquaintances

Before addressing the general public, it is smart to first ask family, friends and close acquaintances for a gift. The chance that they want to make a donation is the greatest. As a result, the donation counter will increase quickly and you will get off to a good start. People you know less or don’t know at all are more likely to support your fundraising campaign. Not only use social media, but also approach people in person at birthdays, meetings, sports clubs or schools. Make a nice flyer of your promotion and ask if you can hang it somewhere.Collect money – friends

Collect money for charity? Use social media!

Once you have put the promotion online, share it with as many people as possible. Send a message to your entire network via social media and ask them kindly if they want to share your messages again. It is important for the success of the promotion that you reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

If you want to support another (national) campaign with your campaign, they can transfer the donations to your campaign directly to that campaign;

Make sure you have a ‘plan B’

People who make a donation to your promotion naturally want to know what happened to the donated money. Imagine that you have taken an action to renovate a schoolyard, for which you needed € 5,000 and that you did not reach that amount. Which can. Let’s say you still received € 1,000. You could then pay for a nice sandbox for the children.

Keep everyone informed

Provide updates. That is very important for the success of your promotion. Send a message to everyone who was initially approached about the progress etc. of the promotion. This way you keep everyone involved and you have the chance that you will persuade people who still have doubts to make a donation.

Visualize the result

Don’t forget to show the result to all donors after the crowdfunding campaign. They can then see that their donation ended up well.

Raise money for charity

With a challenge you attract donors across the line

You can of course raise money for a specific charity, project or promotion. For example for a welfare mother with 3 small children who would like to pay a visit to grandma in England. Donors are often very willing to participate. It can of course also be about practical matters, such as: collecting money for travel, collecting money for books, collecting money for school, and so on.

It is also possible that you have a warm heart for the Refugee Foundation. With a successful campaign to raise money on you can raise money to make a great contribution. You say something there, ‘a successful crowdfunding promotion’. You have to give the donors a good reason to make a donation. You can do that very well by means of a challenge!

Example of a challenge for the benefit of the Refugee Foundation:

Plan a hike from Maastricht to Groningen with your friends or with some friends. Provide supplies, clothing and everything else you may need on the way in your package. During the entire process you do not buy anything and you do not go anywhere to rest/hide.

This, in order to show solidarity with the refugees, who could not make a ‘pit stop’ anywhere. Ask the potential donors for a sponsor amount per km traveled.

Collect money online Charity

Most payment traffic nowadays all happens online. Nice and easy and fast. That is why it is only logical that more and more people choose to raise money online. In addition to the ease of payment for the donors, the potential reach of your crowdfunding promotion is also huge. Use smart social media for this and place a link to your action at strategic places. Then it can even happen that your promotion goes viral.

Can you just receive donations?

That is always allowed of course. It is important that you keep an eye on whether you have to pay taxes on the donations received. For example, you may personally receive an amount of €2,147 per donor per year, without having to declare this. To be sure, you can check the site of the tax authorities with regard to your promotion .