3 Best Practices For Content Production at Charities

They have a choice of different charities. We see that more and more donors commit themselves shorter. How do you ensure that people choose and stay at your organization?

1. Work with fixed themes

Work with distributing content with a schedule. Something you can catch many charities at for many charity organizations is ‘sending’ information without a strategy behind it. Together with your communication colleagues, come up with a schedule when you are going to share what information, and with what regularity. This does not have to take a lot of time, for example: “Monday news from the field, Tuesday a local promotion, Wednesday a photo of the week”. In this way forward work and planning is encouraged.

It not only gives peace of mind within the organization, but also to the people for whom the content is intended. The target group will recognize the recurring themes, whether consciously or not, and are more likely to reflect on your message. Your message is only one of the 3,600 expressions they see every day. So consider every expression: does this fit within the theme, within the target group and does it lead to the intended objective of our organization?

2. Co-creation & interaction

By sharing qualitative stories and good content in a good way, you build up support. Use this with content creation! Involve the target group in what your organization does, ensure that your content comes alive. Use the knowledge and network of your target group, together you come to the best ideas.

For example, do you have a campaign about the use of water and the necessity of hygiene? Ask your target group to share a moment in which they realize this. Or start a competition to find out who can make a fantastic infographic about an agricultural project in Tanzania. You can use this content at other times, with the story that one of the followers made it yourself. That way you generate more attention and maybe even one of the nicest content creations.

Is it your goal to raise more funds? Ask your supporters what their reasons have been for donating. Ask for their story! So start interacting with people who have already expressed interest in the work that your organization performs and get the best out of it.

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3. Testing, testing, testing

Nothing is more frustrating when you have created the most beautiful content, but you don’t know why something doesn’t work, or you do. The moment a campaign produces good results, you want to know exactly why. You can only find out by testing and measuring. Test which color works better, which size of an image, the length of a video. The knowledge of previous studies is also very useful and useful, but do not forget that every target group is different. Visitor behavior is constantly changing. Testing once is therefore not good enough, this must be a continuous process.

In addition, make everything measurable! What do people look at first when they come to the homepage of the website? How far do they watch a video? What percentage of visitors donate? For example, also make sure that the visitors who come to your website from your facebook page can be followed. Only with data can you get to know a target group better. Only then do you know with which content you can interest your target group so that your content creation can adapt to this!