5 Ways Of Sponsoring Campaigns To Raise Money!

Great that you want to start an action for or with your school! Do you already know what kind of action? We are happy to give you some inspiration! You can work for your school, in your neighborhood or for a promotion far away. We list below some ideas for starting a sponsor campaign. Do you want to get more tips or inspiration before you start a sponsor campaign? Follow us on Instagram and maybe you will start your own original sponsoring campaign at school soon!

  • Safe and fast positive action from your school or educational institution.
  • The traditional collection box changes into a digital collection box.
  • Payment takes place automatically every month.
  • Sustainability month at school: sell energy-saving lamps, Tony’s chocolate-free, fair-trade coffee and donate a percentage of the proceeds to a charity or for a positive project at school.
  • Sponsor walk or evening four-day walk with classmates
  • Together you are stronger! Through a sponsored walk or evening four days you get closer together and you also commit yourself to a super good action, what more do you want?
  • A sporting effort is a fantastic way to get involved, you get in addition to the importance of the action also a good condition in return!
  • DIY club start as an individual or as a group
  • With received gifts you can then help those in need of help or the school, how cool is that ?! Heitje for a job with your own sauce

Schoolyard in need of a makeover or new playground equipment?

Start a fundraising campaign through Sponsor.School and involve everyone in your school or educational institution in this promotion! With a new slide, for example, you also ensure a radiant smile with your classmates or students! The biggest compliment you can get.

Cooking event within your school: proceeds for a good cause

Cook together or bake for a better world! Do you go for tasty burgers on a sandwich or for an extensive tasting? Whatever you do, with your proceeds you make the difference for a charity that you want to commit to. Through your action you also show what is important to you in this world, a generous example for the entire school.

Collecting gifts for a sick student or classmate

There is nothing more terrible than seeing a classmate or student at your school struggle with an illness or hospitalization. But watching alone does not change … Are you committed and do you really make a difference in the life of that other person? Think of a fundraising campaign for a large fruit basket, an action for research into a certain disease, or an action page to make a final wish come true. With your help you make the difference.