Ideas for Organizing a Sponsored Run

Do you not want to organize a standard sponsor run and challenge the children before and during the activity? Then read our original ideas below to organize a sponsored run. Also read how you can use to motivate the children even more to contribute to a better world.

No standard route

An easy idea that can be implemented in many, many fun ways. No standard route means that you don’t walk around the schoolyard in the normal way, or the same route as in previous years. Choose a park, forest or other area nearby and show the children a piece of nature. Let them walk over bridges, along the water or through the trees. Be creative and take a good look at the surroundings of your school to see what is possible!

Tip: if the weather is nice, you can also let the children walk through the water. Search for a river or turn on a sprayer, but be aware that there is adult supervision at all times.

Obstacle run

Children often like a challenge. That is why it is a nice idea to let the children do some kind of obstacle run. Think of jumping over fences, walking over (low) walls or climbing equipment. Keep in mind the number of students who have to overcome an obstacle at the same time. A solution could be to have different groups start one after the other, or create different obstacles for different levels and groups.

This original idea can also be combined with a route in for instance the forest, jump over branches, walk over tree trunks or zigzag through trees.

Sponsor promotion does not have to be ongoing

Think of another means of transport such as bicycle, scooter, skateboard. Remember that cycling is much faster than walking and the scooter and skateboard may go much slower. The route must therefore be adapted to the means of transport. You must also ensure that the surface is suitable for a skateboard, for example.

Supporters on the side

The participants will mostly be sponsored online, but they will also be encouraged during the race. Create one or more places along the route where parents can encourage. If possible you can make a kind of stand for them. Of course it is nice to see children jump over an obstacle. Therefore, carefully choose the place where you put the parents.

With all the above ideas, think that the location is very important. When the sponsor run is conducted in a public place, it is important to check in time whether a permit is required for the activity or event that is to be organized.