Things You Should Know Before Donating Your Old Clothes

Donation boxes with clothes on floor indoors

Donating old clothes to charities is a great idea for many reasons. It is a great way to de-clutter your cabinets and drawers. The environment also benefits since clothing is thrown away instead of donated to the landfill. Donating old clothing can be especially useful for society as people who need affordable clothing often have access to donated clothing.

Make sure the clothes that you donate are portable. Yes, there are people who need really affordable used clothing, but nobody should wear colored or ridiculously outdated items. Look for a place that recycles fabrics and / or use stained or dated old clothing for rags for household cleaning and dusting. Colored but clean towels and blankets are often appreciated as donations by animal shelters.

The best time for donating old clothing is just before a new season starts. You can erase your closets and drawers from the clothes that you no longer wear to make room to buy new clothes. And if you donate your old clothes in season, the thrift stores and other charities will be able to distribute or sell the clothes faster rather than storing them for a new season. Smaller organizations especially cannot have much storage space.

If you have some very special items of clothing to donate such as a glamorous evening outfit or a career, maternity or baby clothes collection you can often find special programs in your area in need of these items. For example, many communities have an organization that offers good used prom dresses and suits to high school students. Some cities have employment programs to help people find work so that you can help by donating old clothing that is still suitable for job interviews and office environments. Baby clothes and maternity clothes can be donated to parenting groups or programs for young mothers.

Some second hand stores accept clothing donations in consignment. This means that when someone buys your items, you can earn cash or save credit. This can work especially well if you buy second-hand clothing from the store anyway. This way you can almost trade your old clothes for new clothes, while keeping your costs to a minimum.

  • It is very useful to donate old clothes at the start of a new season.
  • Donating warm clothing is a great charity idea around the holidays.
  • Donated clothing can be resold in thrift stores.
  • Shoes can be accepted as a donation as long as they are not too worn out.
  • Old clothes can be donated to a good cause.